We Are Building Our 2012 Team
Of Volunteers
We took on the task of developing this DanceCity contest & social dance event in order
to preserve our Houston Dance Community's Tradition of having an annual swing dance event for our

local area dancers and also to include our many dance friends from other surrounding Texas cities.
Although we are a local event, we do have dancers and groups from other cities all over Texas
and from some regional areas outside of Texas such as Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas.
It is our nature of Texas hospitality to welcome anyone who may want to attend or participate in
our event, but our main focus is and will always be on Houston's Dance Community.

This event cannot happen without the help of many volunteers who come together and work themselves
ragged to make this an enjoyable and memorable time for you. So when you see a volunteer working
during the DanceCity weekend... Please give them a Big Thank You, to show them your appreciation.

You know sometimes the most fun you can experience about an event like this is by
getting involved and being a part of a fun loving team of volunteers
that get together in order to make something like this work.
If you want to be part of this great group of volunteers please let us know.
We can use all the help we can get... and welcome you gratefully, to our DanceCity family of volunteers.

To see our DanceCity Team

Yes I want to get involved and help out!
To join our team.

EVENT LOCATION:  THE MELODY CLUB •  3027 Crossview Drive • Houston, TX 77063 •  713-785-5301 •  www.melodyclub.net
FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: CHARLES SOILEAU 713-661-1600• EMAIL: sircharles@houstondancecitychampionships.com